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The Diva Planner

Life is busy, yet exciting.  We have our great friends we need to stay connected to, our loving families that need to be cared for, then there’s our profession, vacations, shopping, the spa, extra activities, and on and on. 

A Diva’s life never stops, so keeping your events and activities in one fabulous genuine leather day planner is not only necessary, it’s stylishly chic.  Everyone, including complete strangers, will inquire where you purchased your Diva accessory. 

And why stop at one?  There is a sophisticated charming colour exclusively dyed for The DP Collection that is unique for every season.  Why not match your fabulous bikini on the beach while you plan your next activities, dates with friends and a spa treatment.  There is one to match your boardroom power suit or one to compliment your comfy cozy jeans and tee. 

Whatever fashion statement you make, do it with elegance and style, the Diva way…..Now let’s go shopping!

(The planner and calendar are purchased separately for your convenience.  Simply select the colour of the planner you desire in addition to the calendar insert from each corresponding web page.  Once you placed your order, all you will need to do is purchase a new calendar each year.  You have the choice to use the original purchased planner, or select another new colour.  Some women choose to select two planners, one colour for their spring/summer wardrobe and one for the fall/winter.  Once you place your initial order you will receive a reminder when the new yearly calendar is available.) 

Planner $32.95 - Special Discount!




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The Leather Planner $32.95!

  • Seven vertical pockets for Diva credit cards
  • A window card holder for that Diva Platinum card
  • Side pouch for Diva notes, cash and shopping receipts

The Complimentary Bookmark

  • A coordinating leather bookmark to indicate your Diva day